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Frankie was the first to become certified in March of 2014 and started volunteering with Jodi at an area hospital. Unfortunately Frankie was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma in July of 2015 and needed lifesaving chemo or he would pass away in August of 2015. Through their boys they met other Northern breed parents and Jodi became an administrator for a Northern Breed/Northern Breed mix group called The Empire State Snow Dog Club (ESSDC). The group had been together for a few years when Frankie was diagnosed with cancer and was doing so many amazing things with their dogs like meet ups, events and charity events, so when they heard of Frankie’s diagnosis they jumped into action and started working on ways to raise money so that Frankie could get chemo and live. Jodi had always heard the expression that there were angels on earth, but learned that it wasn’t just an expression as all of Frankie’s angels started doing everything possible to help him to get the chemo he needed. While Frankie couldn’t do his therapy dog work Tsar became certified in September of 2015 and started volunteering as a therapy dog with his dad. ESSDC became a very important part of the boys and Jodi and Bruce lives (they became like a second family to them) and they could see how other member’s dogs were just like their boys so they started encouraging other members to certify their dogs as therapy dogs. Frankie was eventually able to go back to doing his therapy dog work but now with Tsar until his cancer came back in August of 2016. Again he had to do chemo and again his angels rushed to his rescue. Thankfully Frankie was able to go back into remission. Thor became certified as a therapy dog in January of 2017 and will be joining his brothers in helping others. The boys have had so many amazing adventures with their parents as well as their second family (ESSDC) which has all been documented through photo’s that Jodi has taken over the years. There have been articles written about them as well as them and their friends and they have been featured on News12 Long Island as well as News12 Animal Island. There is even a book out about Cain & Frankie called “The Adventures of Cain & Frankie, The Husky Brothers”, which can be purchased on and Follow the boys on Instagram @lihuskybrothers, Like them on Facebook The Husky Brothers and follow them on Twitter @HuskyBrothers.


Cain, Frankie, Tsar and Thor came into Jodi & Bruce Ekberg’s life to help Jodi through cancer treatments, surgeries, broken bones and other ailments and gave Jodi a second chance at life.

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